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For enterprises, interconnection of two LAN’s together between distance places using traditional solutions like-broadband, leased lines, or fiber are either too expensive or they don’t give the desired speed and performance. Or perhaps for a service provider to a rural zone. In order to get the internet point of presence in a cost effective manner, requires a wireless backhaul solutions. IT –Protocol networks to enable connectivity with a broad range of room and desktop video systems and communications environments.

The solution incorporates advanced conference setup and attendance functions, a range of dynamic layouts, numerous in-conference controls, and the ability to manage and monitor all video conferencing network elements for an optimal visual communications experience. Scomsys offers Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point Solutions for short, medium, and long range, solving a wide number of network connectivity challenges. The solutions feature true wireless bridges that can transparently pass all MAC addresses from one point to the other. These flexible systems provide reliable, high-bandwidth connections for a variety of enterprise and service provider applications.


Scomsys routing and switching platforms, in combination with IOS software and technologies, serve as the delivery vehicle for various IP based services like campus, wide area, and metro area networks and hence providing a common enterprise-wide infrastructure for transporting voice, video, and data.

Routing and switching are the core technologies in any network infrastructure and are vital in all modern business environments. Whether your company requires a new network implementation, legacy network upgrade, or optimization, our qualified engineers have the experience and credentials to provide a solution to meet your needs. Scomsys will work closely with your business to ensure to that the technology, features, and budget needs of your company are met allowing for optimal return on investment.

Scomsys has a highly skilled engineering team to provide campus, teleworker, branch office, WAN, or Data Center level routing & switching design and implementation solutions. Scomsys engineers are passionate about networking, and ensure every solution meets the customer’s needs with top notch quality.

To provide optimal network hardware and services, Scomsys is a Cisco Systems partner, the most well-known and proven network device designer and manufacturer in the industry.