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WStructural cabling, often referred to as Structured Cabling Systems (SCS), combines into a single system many different uses and functionality of subsystems to exchange information such as: computer networks, telephone networks, signal, control and safety, surveillance, etc. Creating such a universal cabling system significantly eases management procedures, control and maintenance of all embedded subsystems, coupled with providing a high reliability in their operation. Major advantage of structural cable systems is the use of a single transmission cable system providing all services such as data, voice and video signals.

Scomsys offers:

  • Design
  • Supply of the necessary materials for it by the manufacturer.
  • Construction of the network according to the project requirements and deadlines - cable laying trails, installation of endpoints (sockets, plugs, panels etc.), bring the cables to the point, arranging communication racks.
  • Completed facility, ready for use by customers.
  • Additional maintenance of the existing structured cabling system and upgrade of existing structured cabling.
  • Measuring a cable system for errors and issuing a certificate that standard is met, based on which the manufacturer of the equipment issues equipment warranty (15, 20 or 25 years)

Building Automation Systems

Scomsys offers research, design, supply, installation and commissioning of building automation systems. Performing complete engineering, we provide warranty maintenance and servicing of installed systems. We work with a number of leading and established companies producing in the market. This ensures our clients a standardized software and technical resources, providing both high quality of systems and their continuous updating and modernization.

Building automation systems are mainly focused in specific market segments where demand is required by the specifics of management or building:

  • Office buildings and business parks
  • High-end hotel complexes
  • Shopping and entertainment centers
  • Extensive administrative buildings
  • Buildings open to the public (airports, railway stations, sports halls, etc.).

CCTV Systems

Scomsys offers design and installation of video surveillance systems and security and maintenance of already constructed ones. These systems are becoming mandatory for each commercial, warehouse, residential and others. They offer ample opportunities for setting, high reliability and low maintenance costs in the long term. Furthermore, digital technology, a major plus of video surveillance systems is the ability for remote access - via the Internet you can watch real time what happens on the site. We are building a modern, flexible and functional systems for the needs of different types of customers: retail outlets, schools, banks, hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, construction sites, parking lots, garages, private estates, public buildings and others.

Experienced engineers and qualified personnel offer optimal solutions depending on the budget allocated to the project. We guarantee our customers long term reliability of the systems built by us.

Electrical installations and lighting

Scomsys offers design, supply, construction and maintenance of external and internal electrical installations, electrical panels, street, fa├žade, garden and interior lighting. We strive to offer modern design with high quality to fit well in the interior of residential, industrial or public premises. The aim of our work is to offer a quality project for each of the systems that our clients plan for their buildings. Our projects follow the requirements of the investor as well as current trends and common standards in the industry. Our solutions are widely used in:

Our solutions are widely used in:

  • Households
  • Administrative buildings
  • Trade centres
  • Industrial buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Buildings with a specific status effect


Our team is not limited to offering a single design solution. Always develop several options to make sure that the client will make the best choice and the result will be close to his expectations.

Scomsys offers design, supply and construction of high-tech systems for access control. Since the security system every business is individual, we strive to offer individual solutions and spend time to review your specific requirements and expectations to create the best solution for you.

The Access Control System provides high efficiency in administration buildings, by limiting the access of persons and vehicles to the controlled object. It supervises and manages staff and visitors in the entry/exit points and zones, and alarms for pre-defined events.

Different time schedules for each door can be defined - day, night, group, individual, weekday, holiday. The Access Control system stores all information about visitors and allows access only to certain areas.
We build systems that can be associated with control system for time and attendance system for video surveillance system, lighting control, etc. The result is a reliable security system that gives you control and protection of the site as an opportunity to save labor and costs.

The systems allow for:
Identification, control and regulation the access of people in certain areas or parts, records of registered events and references to past periods, security and comfort in accessing the site administration, easy modular expansion of the network. The various systems for access control we offer are flexible and reliable, consistent with the functional organization structure and security of the premises and are suitable for residential buildings, offices, buildings and special hotels. However, an important advantage of control systems access and control of work is their application for small offices, shops and warehouses. Systems can be used in local mode without the need for controllers, computers and other devices. One of our biggest advantages is our flexibility.


Scomsys offers design, delivery and installation of public address and sound systems. They are widely used in hotels, banks, factories, hospitals, business centers and other public buildings, supermarkets, gas stations, open areas.

The audio systems that we offer have a wide range of use. They are the best solution for:

  • Providing sound equipment for a whole building of parts of it.
  • Forced inclusion of predefined digital recording of premises for evacuation in case of a life-threatening emergency.
  • Transmission of business and advertising in one or more predetermined areas of the investor.
  • Sound equipment of open areas.
  • Conference systems, panel chair, panel secretary and an unlimited number of users. Possibility to record the events.

We have extensive experience in the construction of Nurse Call Systems. These are specialized warning system for hospitals that contribute to facilitating and optimizing the work of medical staff.

Scomsys offer the following data cable services:

LAN / Office cabling - We can perform cabling installations in ducted and non-ducted premises
Wall Mount Cabinets, PC Racks & Computer Cabinets
Requirements Analysis & System Specification
Structured cabling service for building back-bone connections
Cable moves, cable adds and cable changes to your existing cabling infrastructure
Cable patching and patch panel installations Telephone cabling
Phone System Cabling Alcatel, Samsung, Avaya / Lucent
Phone System Maintenance
Diagnosing data cable, fibre optic cable, PSTN line faults
Install data cable technicians
Urgent call out data cable technician
Emergency telephone system technician
Data Cable Wall Mount Cabinets, Cable Server Racks
Data Cable Requirements Analysis & System Specification
Network Cabling Analysis and Network Cabling Design
Installation of Cat5E & Cat6 Structured Cable
Integrated Voice and Data Cabling
Avaya / Lucent Phone System Voice Data Cabling Technician
Alcatel Phone System Voice Data Cabling Technician
Samsung Phone System Voice Data Cabling Technician
Phone VOIP Network and VOIP Telephone Cabling
Phone System Cabling Maintenance
Switch, Router and Firewall Installation
Fibre Optic Cabling Installation & Termination
Spread Spectrum Radio LAN Installation
Outside Plant Cable Installation
Data Cabling: CAT5 / CAT6 / CAT7 & Fibre Optic & Austel Certified, KRONE Certified
Network Infrastructure for VoIP: Switches & Routers Network Infrastructure for 802.11 Telephony: Access Points & VoIP Gateways

Scomsys Install Fiber Optic Solutions

Fiber / Fibre Optic Cable Assembly
Fiber / Fibre Optic Patch Cord and Pigtail
Fiber / Fibre Optic Connector
Fiber / Fibre Optic Adaptor
Fiber / Fibre Optic Adaptor Panel
Fibre Optic Termination Box
Fibre Optic Patch Panel
Fiber / Fibre Optic Accessories

Scomsys Communications uses vendor trained & certified technicians with vast collective experience. Get the job done right the first time and save time & money.