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Network security solution develops strategic partnerships with the industry's leading technology companies, solution providers, and resellers as part of our commitment to provide quality solutions and to enhance the value of our network and Internet security solutions. As a value-added distributor of network and Internet security products we are always committed to working with our channel partners to share out a superior, responsive and professional level of service. Our company continues to be at the forefront of new developments in the Internet and network security technology.

Based on our high level of technical expertise, Scomsys's consultants and product managers will assist you identify your business needs. They can provide you with the specialist assistance that you need to implement security solutions that will facilitate your company to realize the benefits in cost savings and productivity that the Internet can bring without exposing your internal systems to the outside world. We are always dedicated to provide our clients in Saudi Arabia with proven security solutions and products from the leading network and Internet security companies worldwide.

Scomsys will be of assistance to you in selecting the different network and Internet security products that provide the best functionality to meet your needs at the most reasonable prices. In association with our selected vendors, we will provide you with highest quality support to ensure that your critical business systems are working effectively on a routine basis. Our network products and Internet security services secure organizations in the banking, health care, manufacturing, finance, legal, government, media and transportation sectors......


We in Scomsys , Strongly believe in Client – Server based Antivirus Solution.

Generally in a client-server anti-virus solution, the server pulls the updates and distributes it to the clients. This reduces the bandwidth that you use connecting to the Internet for updates by keeping most of the update traffic local.

Also, you might be able to use policies to deny client systems access to things depending on their anti-virus status. For example, you might want people to be up-to-date before letting them access the Internet or you want to block the USB from all pc then the client-server solution can enforce that.

In Server-based solutions generally keep a log of scans and updates; you can much more easily ensure that company-wide AV policies are being followed.

Benefits of Centralized AntiVirus Solution

1. Centralized updates.
2. Centralized management.
3. Push deployment.
4. Easier managing of licenses.
5. Centralized quarantine.
6. Network-wide rules (make this folder exempt, run the scan at this time, etc)7. Centralized logging.