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Integrated Services in Routing and SwitchingGrowing companies can take advantage of integrated foundation solutions that are secure, solid and compatible with future technologies. Rather than purchasing separate products for individual functions, integrated services routers provide features and enable organizations to take advantage of additional technologies such as IP communications, wireless and advanced security systems, while ensuring the quality of service their business demands. As routers and switches evolve, more features are being included directly in the box.

This systems-based, integrated approach has several goals:

  • To transfer responsibility for security and reliability from individual computers and users to the network itself
  • To create a network that adapts to growth and constantly changing needs
  • To look at the network as an orderly, organized system rather than a collection of scattered, individually managed boxes
  • Under this integrated approach, the network is no longer seen as a means of connectivity, but an active, integrated part of your organization's business processes.

A systems-based approach to routing and switching lets all workers�no matter where they're geographically located-have the same access to business applications, IP communications and video conferencing as their colleagues at headquarters. Networking solutions for satellite offices are modular in nature, allowing you to install the features you need for a particular office. Modularity also enables you to easily upgrade equipment when needs change or an office expands.

An added benefit of this integrated approach is that technical staff at headquarters can centrally manage the network regardless of the size of company. A small company with two remote offices can benefit just as much as a company with hundreds of branch offices.

Security is definitely key in today�s business environment, whether a company is large or small. By installing a complete solution and managing it centrally, companies can protect valuable corporate data using multiple types of protection, such as encryption, firewalls, antivirus protection, and intrusion detection and prevention . Users today require more integrated security services largely due to the influx of viruses, malicious code, and end users picking up infections on their laptops.

Scomaya - Your Integrated Services Partner Scomsys, as a Cisco-Certified Partner, can offer you the network support you need to meet the demands you face by enhancing your business communications and lowering your operating costs. Using Cisco's powerful integrated routers and switches, our highly-trained engineers can help you enable your network to continuously take advantage of new applications, secure them easily and manage them efficiently in pursuit of your business goals.

Our Cisco certified technical experts can help your business in many ways as :

  • Infrastructure consultancy and design
  • Installation and configuration of core and access switches and router
  • Advanced configuration services (QoS, HA, load balancing, link aggregation, etc)
  • Wireless network design, installation and configuration
  • Wireless Point-to-Point link installation and configuration
  • System up gradation and expansion
  • WAN connectivity over leased line, ADSL, MPLS, IP/VPN, Wireless and VSAT
  • Internet links planning, supply and installation
  • Cisco Smartnet
  • Delivery and system integration of switches and routers