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With today’s data centers becoming more complex, understanding the inter-dependencies and relationships between servers, storage, networking, virtualization and the facilities is instrumental to an organization’s overall success. Providing an understanding is why Scomsys has become a data center solutions leader.Scomsys experts, in concert with a comprehensive suite of Tier 1 manufacturing partners, specialize in providing advanced datacenter solutions to enterprise, government and middle market organizations. With proven experience in solving unique vertical industry solutions including healthcare, energy, financial services, technology and manufacturing, Scomsys can implement or enhance an organization’s storage, archival, back-up, replication and recovery strategy. By leveraging the latest advances in virtualization to maximize performance and availability based on the customers’ requirements and budget,

Scomsys can deliver

  • Server Optimization and Consolidation
  • Virtualization and Infrastructure Architecture
  • Capacity Assessment and Planning
  • Storage and System Optimization

STRATEGY and CAPACITY PLANNING: Let Scomsys fully evaluate your data loads, usage trends, anticipated bandwidth and storage needs to ensure that you have the data center capacity to meet your long-term computing goals. Our certified experts can help you predict the computing resources your team needs to succeed, and cut costs by putting a stop to reactionary purchases of quick-fix hardware and software solutions that often fail to provide the scalable infrastructure you require.

STORAGE and SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION: Create a flexible and efficient storage infrastructure and improve user access to vital applications with Scomsys We can help you lower long-term storage costs, plan and implement business continuity and disaster recovery solutions as well ensure compliance with the toughest storage-related regulations.

EXCHANGE SERVER and FILE SYSTEM ASSESSMENTS: Scomsys can help you manage the explosive growth of file system and Exchange information. We address current challenges and optimize both your Exchange server and file system needs to drive productivity, improve storage and information management while tightening security across your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Lower Costs
  • Reduced Complexity
  • Protect Data Assets
  • Ensure Compliance